After Builders Cleaning Service for Hastings Trade Center

Hasting Trade Centre is an almost complete building for retail/showroom development. The newly built industrial development is right next to Hastings Bunnings which is only Bunnings Warehouse on the western post side of the Mornington Peninsula. New centre will include AMW, Autopro, Pet Stock, Mycar, and Fur life Vet.

When we got the lead of after builders cleaning service requirement of CMW Design & Construct (VIC) we were so excited to work with them. During our first meeting with the Project Manager, we got to know their expectation and scope of work. Hasting Trade Centre is 4 big units with incomplete shop fittings. They are empty warehouses filled with concrete dust. They had two Units which was urgent and needed to be handed over to the clients. We were assigned to Sweep and Scrub just over 2200 SQM, Shop front Glasses, and Office Builders clean in the small office next to unit 4. The client wanted to get this job done within 3 working days.

We had an internal team meeting to analyse the project to do the costing. Our main goal was to get the best result with minimum cost. After our meeting, we decided to make our plan using two machines, Tennant S20 Sweeper and Tennant T20 Scrubber. We have used minimum labor and let the machines do the rest. When we got to the site on the first day, we had our SWMS ready and presented it to the OH&S officer onsite. We had our White Cards photocopied which made everyone’s life easier. OH&S Office gave us the induction and checked our SWMS and White cards before giving us the green light to enter the site.

Few Steps that we used to Sweep and Scrub:

    • Ask the team to broom all corners so the Tennant S20 Sweeper can pick up all the dust and debris.
    • One of our machine Operators swept the whole area with the Tennent Machine
    • Our second Machine Operator who used the scrubber finished the biggest task of scrubbing
    • Two team members went around the warehouse using their mops and buckets to do all the corners

where our machines were unable to reach

In Emera, we believe that staff safety is the #1 priority in all of our sites either if it is a construction site or a usual office cleaning site.

We have used below mandatory equipment for our staff safety:

    • P2 respirator Masks
    • Hard Hats, Hi-V vests
    • Earmuffs
    • Hard cap boots

We were able to finish cleaning the windows on our first day. Within 8 working hours, we were able to get the sweeping and scrubbing done all while having so much fun and giving the best outcome to make our client happy. By using the right machines and the right team, we were able to successfully complete this project even before the timeline and within the given budget.


Number of Machines: 2
Number of People: 6
Number of days to complete the whole Project: 3 days


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